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The African Woman Foundation

Women Participation in Politics

African women’s leadership and political participation, from the local to the federal level, are restricted.

For too long, women in African countries have been excluded, discriminated, under-represented, and marginalized in government policies and programs. This is, partly, a reflection of the common cultural stereotypes, which undermine women’s role in African politics.

This factor, along with other barriers such as religious beliefs, lack of finance, violence, and weak internal party democracy, has held African women back for many years. The implication of this is that African men have kept on dominating the political scene as presidents, governors, lawmakers, and so on.

This is not right and has to stop. Women in Africa, according to UN estimates, constitute more than half of the 1.3 billion-plus population of the region.

Recognizing the existing gap, the African Woman Foundation seeks the greater inclusion of women in politics. We are trying to turn the tide in favor of women and get more women into elective positions in African countries.

Towards realizing this objective, we organize training for women political candidates in a bid to help develop their capacities. We also provide voter & civic education and sensitization campaigns on gender equality and support gender equality advocates in urging political parties, policymakers, governments, and others to contribute their quota in empowering African women. 

TAWF non profit
TAWF non profit