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The African Woman Foundation

Reproductive Health Education

Reproductive health is critically important to societal development, and this has been acknowledged at the highest level.World leaders have recognized that without guaranteeing universal access to reproductive health, it would be impossible to realize the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These Goals include eradicating extreme poverty, improving children’s and women’s health, promoting gender equality, bringing an end to the HIV scourge, and ensuring environmental sustainability.

There is no doubt that educating the African girl and woman on reproductive health lies at the heart of achieving these MDGs. Poor sexual & reproductive health is a leading killer in today’s Africa, and African girls and women feel the consequence of this menace most. Against this background, The African Women Foundation’s goal is to save lives and to protect the right to health. We lend our voice to change, stating that no African woman should die giving life.

In African communities, unplanned pregnancies are mainly addressed within a framework, which puts the blame on girls and women. Youth sexuality, especially female sexuality, is seen as a source of moral panic; for this reason, girls and unmarried women of African descent that “fall pregnant” are often stigmatized. However, the African boys or men that are responsible for pregnancies are let off the hook.

The AWF seeks to sensitize the African public about the need to eradicate this gender-biased perspective. We educate African girls and women on their rights and the resources available to them to defend against sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and gender oppression. We seek to empower them to become socially and economically independent.


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