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The African Woman Foundation

Prevention Against HIV/AIDS

Out of the over 34 million HIV-positive people worldwide, more than 70% live in Africa. 59 per cent of HIV-positive people in Africa are women, and most children diagnosed with the virus contract it from their mothers.

Clearly and without equivocation, the African Girl and Woman have a lot of grave challenges to contend with.

HIV/AIDS toll on households in Africa can be very severe, and African women and girls, along with the poorest in the region, are most vulnerable. AIDS, in many cases, causes the household to dissolve because parents die & children get sent to relatives for care as well as upbringing.

Almost invariably, the burden of coping rests on the shoulders of African girls and women. The role of these women as carers, as income-earners & housekeepers, is stepped up when a family member becomes ill. African women are often forced to step into roles, which are also outside their homes.

Interventions are urgently needed to help reduce high-risk African girl’s and women’s exposure to HIV and AIDS and also promote development in affected children. The African Woman Foundation aims to provide tools that can benefit the poorest women and children of African descent, reduce persistent inequalities in this region, and reduce mortality rates among neglected families of these women and children.

A part of our strategy is empowerment through knowledge since prevention is better than cure. We partner with different state & local departments of health and groups to reach out to the community and educate the African people on the fundamentals of HIV/AIDS.

A pregnant woman that is not treated with the proper drugs, has a 20–45 per cent possibility of getting her infant infected with the virus from pregnancy. As earlier stated, 59 per cent of the African people with HIV are women, and most children diagnosed with this virus contract it from their mothers.

Antiretroviral drug treatments can bring about a drastic reduction in the number of HIV-related deaths as it delays the virus progression and enables people to lead a relatively healthy and normal life.

Hence, TAWF organizes screening, outreach programs, and health seminars within various communities in African countries, with emphasis on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.


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donate africa charity website