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Women in Africa, according to UN estimates, constitute more than half of the 1.3 billion-plus population of the region. For long, Africa has been plagued by high poverty levels, low literacy levels, among other challenges; and African women bear the brunt of these perennial societal problems.

As a result of these prevalent issues, girls and women in the region become more vulnerable to individual and community violence and abuse.  When grounds of discrimination such as gender, skin color, class, ethnicity, religion/belief, and other limiting issues meet and intersect, they spawn intricate webs of denial of rights and deprivation, undermining and leading to suffering for several millions of girls and women in Africa.

Poverty causes the commodification of the African girl child and woman. The rights of the African woman are often dispersed and withheld as though their rights are a matter of man’s courtesy and not an inalienable human right.

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Although Africa, through the Africa Union, has made several strides that have trickled to member countries, the African woman is still held hostage by the African man with no freedom in determining her destiny. Even though all 54 countries in Africa are free and independent from colonial masters, her woman is yet to experience the taste of freedom to make life decisions, such as reproductive health and sex, among many others.

She is still trapped in traditional and cultural shackles, which continue to limit her progress and keep the African woman in gender oppression. 

Who We Are

The African Woman Foundation (TAWF) is a charity formed to advocate the rights of the African Girl and Woman, socially and economically, to guarantee her independence and dignity.  The TAWF realizes the woman in Africa is trapped socially and economically. This, in turn, robs them of the rights to make life-altering decisions, independently, which include sexual and reproductive health. 

In poverty, the African woman is more at risk of physical and sexual abuse violence.  The Foundation works towards creating a better life for the African woman that can only be achievable with education, with empowerment.

The principle foundations of human rights have zero tolerance for discrimination and ensure equality in law as well as in its application. The notion of equality is connected, inextricably, to human dignity — a fundamental right for any person.

The African Woman Foundation upholds this equality and rejects discrimination, which forms the basis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, along (UDHR) with all international human rights treaties. Our team takes urgent measures to combat the injustices, targeted at women and girls that are of African descent, and seek an end to the menace.

We say NO to sexual exploitation, violence, harmful cultural practices, and systemic inequalities that violate the African Woman’s human rights, sabotaging her efforts to reach her potential.  

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africa charity tawf
africa charity tawf